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Who We Are

SAI Hydraulics is a leading company in the production of hydraulic motors and related products.  Thanks to a continuous awareness of market trends and development, SAI offers products manufactured to the highest technological standards, incorporating the latest technologies that maximize efficiency.

Our Strengths

Worldwide Presence

Our international team managed to preempt the challenges of globalization and expand business across the globe

Unique Technology

Crankshaft structures and swiveling cylinders offer unbeatable control and efficiency


Strategic partnerships with the aim of development and advancements in technological innovation

Long Term Vision

Strengthening our position as a global leader in the manufacturing of hydraulic motors to guarantee customer satisfaction

Core Technology

The three distinguishing elements of SAI’s technology include crankshafts, swiveling cylinders, and continuous displacement variation, which produce the high levels of efficiency and control found in our motors.  Our engineers continue to improve the performance of hydraulic motors, focusing on

High Starting Torque

Roller bearings within the crankshaft reduces metal to metal sliding friction on startup

High Volumetric Efficiency

Teflon and elastomer seals prevent wear and expansion, optimizing volumetric efficiency even after several thousands of hours

Contamination Resistance

In addition to the seals, all dynamic components, such as cylinders, pistons, distributors, and valves are hardened to enhance their resistance to contamination while our sealing technology allows large clearances

Thermal Shock Resistance

Large clearances between dynamic parts are designed to accept thermal expansion and prevent contact, prolonging the life of the motor

Cavitation Resistance

Due to the roller bearings not needing lubrication and retaining rings ensuring firm contact between the pistons and central roller bearing, our motors are able to operate in partial or full cavitation